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What We Do

Dekryption is a healthcare finance and strategic advisory firm focused exclusively on providing leading capital advisory, mergers & acquisitions, strategic advisory and management consulting services to firms in the healthcare space. Whether it’s legacy healthcare clients or leading edge firms in the biotech space, we have perfected the art of objective advice, and the science of skilled transaction, to bring seamless financial, strategy, and organizational transformation services to our healthcare clients.

As an advisor and investor in various companies including Psycheceutical, Sweet Earth and Boulder Botanicals, now one of the largest vertically integrated CBD distributors in the nation, we have a front row seat in the domestic and burgeoning plant therapeutic scene. With a focus on medical and therapeutic solutions, Dekryption continues to advise companies seeking expert strategic advice. We have collaborated with and helped build companies that have produced in excess of $1B in market value for investors.

Companies We Work With

Innovation1 Biotech

Innovation1 Biotech is a firm unlocking transformative therapeutic potential of cannabinoid and psychedelic compounds through application of scientific, development, and finance expertise to the advancement of proprietary treatments for unmet healthcare needs like depression, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addiction and withdrawal, fibromyalgia, and dermatological disorders.

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Lucy Scientific Discovery

Lucy Scientific Discovery is an early-stage biotechnology company focused on becoming the premier research, development, and contract manufacturing organization in the emerging psychotropics and psychedelics-based medicines industry. 

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JF Biopharma

JF Biopharma is an innovative drug development company targeting major unmet medical needs through the transformation of natural-derived agents (ions, venoms, cells) to unleash novel pharmaceutical therapeutics.

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Ehave is taking a leading role in the popularization of digital therapeutics by creating an extensible platform upon which powerful, condition-specific applications can be designed, built, clinically validated, and deployed.

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Psycheceutical, Inc.

Psycheceutical, Inc. is removing barriers to care by employing two next-generation patented delivery technologies, via systemic and non-systemic routes of administration, to potentially increase the safety and efficacy of psychedelic compounds and provide direct and profound benefits to those suffering from mental disorders.

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