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We are actively seeking acquisitions and investment opportunities to build and grow companies through organic and acquisition-enhanced growth. We are currently investors in and are actively exploring additional opportunities in a variety of business sectors.

What We Do

Our philosophy centers on leveraging the operational experience of our team. We have over 35 years of entrepreneurial and operational experience. We leverage that experience to enhance efficiency and performance and to pursue growth while continuing to enable a company's management team to lead the business on a day-to-day basis. Active support of our partners in developing and executing growth strategies is a key to our success.

In addition, Dekryption is also able to provide additional services to our investment partners. Accounting and finances, human resources, operations, IT systems implementation and integration, marketing and communications, and back office solutions to just name a few.

Would you like to sell your business, get liquidity or need to divest a portfolio company? We would love to explore that opportunity with you.

If you have a company or assets or are aware of any opportunities that might be a fit [with the following criteria] please contact us:


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